The World of Brain Trauma and the Family That It Incorporates

At age 50 I became a caretaker to my Karen Kozawa. She had a horrific headache and was vomiting on the morning of 7-28-2008 at 7:15 am. On a beautiful sunny southern Calif. morning, our lives were about to turn upside down. Life would not be the same again. Rushing Karen to Mission Hospital and watching karen live on the precipice of life and death for the next four weeks, was something I had never intended to be a part of. But when a Brain Aneurysm hits, you better know the signs and kick yourself into high gear because the hurricane has arrived. I want to use this blog to help other families understand the trials and tribulations that you will face when you become an instant caretaker for someone who means so much to you. I am currently enrolled at UCLA for writing my Memoir. I hope this blog will springboard that Memoir into publication and be something others will read and learn by. Karen is  not famous, she was not a movie star or a Congress woman, but she is my hero and she inspires many families who have met her. I hope her story and our story will convince you to keep on reading and learning that Karen has survived a level 5+ brain aneurysm. She had less than a 1% chance of living. Read my blog and follow the success of one woman who had the courage to escape death 3 times and to live to inspire many others.


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